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Message of the President

''When I look at the company, I see a well-established organization made up of what I believe to be the best group of professionals in the business. I see individuals who are not content to rest on the past accomplishments, constantly challenge themselves and their colleagues to find innovative ways to create value, increase efficiency and provide the highest level of service and satisfaction to our trading partners.

Global Power Trading is constant on its pursuit to make sourcing EASIER and BETTER, providing the best quality products at the lowest price in the market.

We continually strive to attract outstanding new talent to the firm to make sure all employees know that they truly are the company's most valuable assets. Every member of our team is shaped in respect, courtesy and EXCELLENCE.

GLOBAL POWER TRADING, by the name itself, devotes to the highest standard and our guiding principles to serve in the international market. With the best practices of our organization and the best effort of our team, we are now striving to be your top trading partner.''

-Teddy Tee Jr. - President